group of young people talking

About us

We offer services to help support you and your mental health.

We have lots of centres where you can visit and talk to us. Some services can help you online or speak to you over the phone.

Our mental health services can help you:

  • build your confidence
  • understand your mental health
  • get help yourself (self-referral)
  • get you the help you need (getting a referral)
  • support you in school

The types of support we offer depend on what help you need. You can get help in different ways. These include things like:

  • one-to-one and group counselling
  • cognitive behavioural therapy
  • play and art therapy
  • help from your school

There are lots of different ways to access services and it can be it can be confusing.

You need to be referred to most of our services, but you can refer yourself to some.